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Did you know 50% of pets are above their ideal weight?

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With the evenings a bit longer and the weekends a bit warmer now is the ideal time to have a new trimmer slimmer pet.


Here are 5 top tips that can help your pet reach their ideal weight:


  1. A 30minute walk twice a day is reccommended for our daily exercise so why not bring your dog out – the sun is shining no excuses!!

  2. Treat balls are a great way to encourage your pet to earn his/her dinner. Instead of treats in their put their daily ration of dry food in there and have them work for their food!

  3. Using a laser light or small torch light encourages your cat to play 30mins exercise for a cat per day will help keep them nice and trim.

  4. Check your bag of food. The amount reccommended is per day NOT per feed. Keep to this amount and deduct food if you are giving wet food treats etc...

  5. Pop into your local branch of Active Vetcare and speak to our nurses today about a specific weight loss plan for your pet.


Happy weekend folks!!


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