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Does your pet have a Firework Fear??

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This Time of year is miserable for those pets who don't like loud bangs or the sound of squealing Fireworks.
Why not try our top ten tips to reduce the stress of the Halloween season.
1. Try and prepare your pet BEFORE the event, use desensitization technique by using cds or sounds which replicate fireworks, this will help them stay calm for the event.
2. Create your Pets "safe place" under a table in the main Family room, This way the pet has somewhere to go with plenty of comfy blankets, toys and even hide some treats to keep them busy.
3. Leading up to the event use a DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) plug or a Feliway plug in for cats. This is a plug in which is available in your local Veterinary Clinic which releases a Pheromone which calms your pet during stressful situations.
4. Why not try a nutricitical product such as Kalm Aid or Zylkene. These are available to reduce the anxiety of a pet but still allowing them to play as normal.
5. Never scold your pet for being over anxious, also do not overly comfort them. Try using a distraction technique such as playing ball (safely in the house) a kong toy or a treat ball. This will help the pet understand that anxious behavior is not just for attention.
6. If you must leave the pet alone during this distressing time, leave them access to their safe place but also leave on the TV or Radio to help drown out the noise of the fireworks. Leave your pet with a frozen kong, treat ball or hidden treats to reduce the risk of destructive behavior while you are gone. Always leave the curtains drawn.
7. It is important not to forget those pets which live outside, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. If it is possible move them into the house or shed or garage and ensure they have somewhere to hide away.
8. Confine your pet to the house in the week leading up to the event, prepare them a "safe" hiding place to go to when the Fireworks go off. encourage them to go into this hiding spot by placing treats or food in there.
9. On the Day of the Event be sure to keep your cat inside as they might get unwanted attention or run with fear with the noise. Use the Safe Place to keep them calm along with leaving a TV or radio on. If you are having a party please provide your cat with a safe place in a locked room this reduces the risk of any pet getting in harms way. 
10. For you Dog on the day of the event leave out of harms way if there is a party, also ensure they have access to their Safe Place and a loud TV or Radio. Pets will run with Fear so keep all exits closed incase of an escaping pet.
For anymore advice or further information on helping your pet with Firework Fear please contact any of our branches and talk to our team of vets and Nurses who will be delighted to help. 


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