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Spring is in the air!!

Spring Dog

Spring is here and the weather is warming up, the sun is out longer, and our pets are not as lazy as they were during the winter months.

We are out in the parks taking walks after work or escaping through open windows.

Here are some tips to help your pet spring into action:

1. Spring cleaning is a fantastic way of getting rid of things we are no longer using and getting rid of a ll the dust and dirt in our houses. Be careful of the cleaners you use. Some are not safe for our pets to be around. Always check the label of your chosen cleaner to ensure is a safe product to use in a household with animals. Always make sure surfaces are dried thoroughly and cleaning products are put away out of paws reach.

2. If you haven’t kept your pets on their flea and tick treatment during the winter, now is the time to start up again. Fleas should be treated for every month with a veterinary prescribed product to ensure your pet is being treated properly.

3. Treating your pet for worms every three months is very important. Using a veterinary prescribed product is a sure way of protecting your pet and you against wriggly visitors in your house.

4. Lawn fertilizers are very toxic to pets. Make sure you store them in a safe place. After applying any fertilizers and pesticides to your lawn, keep your pet off the treated areas for several hours and post a sign to let your neighbors know that their pets shouldn’t sniff, walk, or come near your lawn either till the chemicals are all absorbed and gone.

5. Pest poisons are used more often in the spring to keep rats, mice, and other unwanted creatures out of the house. Do not allow your pet to come near any treated area as these poisons can be fatal to your pet.

6. Groom your pet! Spring weather can mean more shedding. Brush your pets more regularly to prevent hairballs, matted fur, and brush out any dirt and debris that may get stuck in the coat. A brush such as the Furminator can remove the under coat on your pet and help reduce shedding. Wipe your pet’s feet when coming back home from a walk to remove any dirt, chemicals, and pollen that may be stuck between their toes or fur and to prevent them from ingesting these things when they groom themselves.

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